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An open source standard for global shipping

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A collaboration of shipping’s leading digital innovators. Through open source standards and frameworks the shipping industry is enabled to benefit from transparent and readily available digital connectivity.

Creating Deeper Collaboration

Easily accessible and standard Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) allow organizations within the shipping industry access to programming instructions and standards for accessing any web-based software application designed to bring efficiency to the supply chain. Software companies serving logistics and shipping can release their API to the public via so that other software developers can design products that are powered by its service.

Public APIs

Public APIs are released by companies with the intent that developers will use them to build on their platforms. Developers will create new applications that are designed to expand and enhance the original platform. Applications are developed and made available with minimal barrier to participation.

Free Membership

Collaboration should be easy, and free. Enabling the ability for one software platform to effortless and seamlessly speak to another platform should not be monetized. What is happening is a the creation of one standard for platforms to interact for the benefit of the end-users. The digital connection between platforms creates velocity and increases the security and certainty of the transaction.